Why Fortect?

The premier free diagnostic tool detects and fixes Windows systems regardless of the cause.

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Support all Windows OS


Fortect Technology Beneftis

AntivirusRegistry CleanerIn-Home technicianTechnician’s Lab
Repair & Rebuild windows
Virus Protection
Virus Removal
Repair virus damage
Fix issue messages
Optimize Registry
Database of new, up to date replacement files
Stop PC from Crashing and Freezing
Convenient repair at Any time
Restore, replace DLL Files
All-in-one Solution

Fortect brings everything under one roof. It’s a comprehensive diagnostic tool, scanning your entire computer and identifying hardware risks and system stability issues. It recognizes whenever Windows is damaged, whether the cause is malware, software, user issue, or something else. Summaries keep the user informed at every step of the way, while the latest fixes can be applied automatically.


The entire process is tailored just for your system. Only damaged or missing files are replaced, repairing Windows without having to do a complete reinstall or losing any of your data.


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