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Fortect combines a lite diagnostic tool installed on your system with a real time database containing healthy Windows files and performance tweaks. Diagnose for free today!

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The preliminary scan takes no longer than 5 minutes, giving you a PC health summary and quarantining files for replacement. Then it takes less than an hour to completely restore Windows without affecting your user settings, data, or programs.

Look inside our non-invasive Windows Repair Technology

The Benchmarking Server – Our healthy Windows operating system and files database

During every scan, Fortect consults our healthy Windows operating system that contains every system file and performance marker to diagnose your PC in real time.


Did you know?

  • The benchmarking server houses roughly 25 million Windows system components, with new data added every week.

  • Windows 7 Ultimate alone requires more than 54,000 system files and over 431,000 registry keys. If one of yours is missing, Fortect will know about it!

  • The Windows experience evolves over time due to updates. Repairing Windows from our real time server if more stable than reverting to an old boot disc.

  • A typical Windows fix only requires a small fraction of the files stored by Fortect. However, it's capable of serving hundreds of different Windows versions and unique user configurations.

Save Time

Let Fortect do all the hard work for you – gone are the days of:

  • Using the Task Manager to decide what processes are legitimate and which need to be fixed.

  • Downloading individual system cleaners, registry fixes, and system optimizers.

  • Living with the damage of viruses and malware.

  • Repairing Windows from old, outdated boot discs.

  • Wiping everything and starting again.

Fortect maintains Windows without ever having to reinstall it again!


Verified Windows restoration

Fortect scans all Windows system files, including the registry and compares this to the healthy configurations in our database. The process:

  • Verifies healthy files and programs and leaves them untouched

  • Quarantines damaged and junk files

  • Replaces damaged or missing files with healthy counterparts

  • Tweaks files and components to match your Windows edition, user settings, and hardware

This is all accomplished while Windows is running.

Recovering from virus damage

  • By mapping how the operating system should function and what clean files look like, Fortect can quickly repair damage caused by viruses and malware

  • System files infected, locked, or otherwise altered by viruses are replaced with fresh files from the database


Windows Registry repair

Fortect has full access to the Windows registry and is capable of resetting individual keys and replacing full hives. If your native Windows backup has usable registry components, this is used first. If there is no restore point or the backup registry is also corrupt, Fortect’s registry database is used instead.

System Requirements

Fortect is a very lite program that requires only 512mb of RAM and minimal processing power. It can work in Safe Mode for systems that cannot boot.


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