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Fortect is a relatively new Downloadable and Browser Extension operating as a leading provider for Registry Cleaning and Windows Optimization. Although we’re not an Antivirus, we work closely with the security community to ensure we fit in as a complimentary solution.

We’re not owned by any large corporations and our software is always 100% free of additional monetization, technical support nonsense or any other industry tricks that leave users guessing. We have one objective and that is to give ordinary users the ability to maintain their computers performance without hassle.

The Team

Fortect’s Virus lab is comprised of the best engineers in the business, with a combined total of 35 years’ experience. In a collective effort across various PC Utility software and Malware detection know how, our flagship software is a Windows Downloadable EXE for system optimization and protection. In addition, we protect users while surfing the web with our popular Browser Extension. Try our Downloadable PC Repair for Free. Any issues found during the preliminary scan can be fixed for Free, no catches or commitments required.

A Glance into PC Stability Issues

Read about PC stability issues, their symptoms and what causes them.

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