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When Windows becomes unstable, you don’t have to completely reinstall the operating system. Fortect replaces only the files that are damaged, while keeping all your settings, files, and user data. It repairs:

Sudden Reboots

When your computer randomly reboots without warning or gets stuck in a loop when starting up.

Blue screen of death

Windows completely crashes with a blue screen and confusing jargon and has to be reset at the power.


Your computer slows to a halt and doesn’t respond to input.

A program fails

When one or more programs fail to load, crash on startup, freeze randomly, or cannot be reinstalled.


There are 3 main causes of PC stability Issues:

Unstable Windows Operating System

Diagnosing what’s causing your PC to be unstable is difficult because it has its own unique configuration of Windows, hardware, programs, and settings. Crashes and performance issues can appear seemingly at random with no issue message.

However, the most common causes can usually be traced back to:

  • Viruses and malware – Even if your antivirus software has quarantined or removed the threat, it’s likely to have already damaged system files and functions.

  • Failed Windows Updates – Corrupt update files and interruptions during installation can render the operating system unstable.

    See example here

  • Registry Keys – These are hidden Windows settings related to system and 3rd party programs. Poorly written software, bad registry cleaner, viruses, or user tampering, can all damage the registry and cause unforeseen issues.

    Read more about registry keys


Unstable Software

Software, programs, or apps that you download or install from

3rd parties can cause system-wide instability due to:

  • Poorly written code and bugs.

  • Corrupt data and/or incomplete installation.

  • Incompatibility with modern editions of Windows.

  • Bundled viruses and adware.

Unstable Hardware

Hardware is all the physical components that make up your PC, including the motherboard, processor, RAM, graphics card, and peripherals. It can physically fail with age or become out of date when Windows and software changes. Components can also be incompatible with each other.

Unstable hardware often causes freezing, crashes, and reboots. issues most often occur with old hardware or new hardware that has recently been installed.


How Fortect fixes instability

Windows Programs

Fortect can fix built-in Windows programs. I.e., those that came with the operating system, because its database has all the files associated with them.

Third party programs

While Fortect cannot replace files created by 3rd party software, it can fix any issues caused by shared Windows DLL files or registry keys.


Fortect can summarize the health of your hardware and indicate when it might need upgrading. Moreover, any issues within the operating system affecting hardware can be fixed in the repair process. However, you may need to physically fix old or incompatible hardware yourself.

Measuring PC stability

Windows is a robust operating system that automatically logs whenever your PC crashes in the background. Fortect analyzes this event log and compares it to healthy machines to determine the severity of the issue.

Minor program crashes or slowdowns might not be recorded in the event log but are often fixed when repairing missing or damaged system files.


4 months of data

Fortect can analyze up to 4 months of data stored in the event log to determine the stability of your system. After your first scan it is recommended to perform routine scans once a month to check whether your system has degraded.

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