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Viruses, malware, and other security threats damage Windows files, the registry, and alter how the system operates. Even after removing threats with antivirus software, the damage can persist. This is either because:

  • The antivirus only removed the underlying threat but left its damage behind.

  • The antivirus deleted infected system files along with the threat.

Fortect Fixes Virus Damage

Virus Registry Damage

Viruses can invade the Windows registry, deleting and modifying it as they go. Even when the source has been removed, the registry is left corrupt.

Fortect repairs registry hives and individual keys. First it checks your Windows restore point for a period before the damage was caused. If there are no backups or the registry is still heavily damaged, Fortect replaces these areas with clean registry keys from its database.


Virus Damage to System Files

Damage caused by viruses, malware, or trojans to Windows system files can vary from unnoticeable to catastrophic system failures. Fortunately, Fortect has a comprehensive database of all Windows system files. During the repair process, damaged or missing files are replaced with clean versions, restoring Windows to optimal performance.

The Fortect and Antivirus Partnership

While Fortect is not a replacement for antivirus software, as it does not directly detect or prevent threats from infecting your machine, it works alongside to fully repair your system. First, always use real time protection to stop threats before they land. If a virus does infect your PC, use the antivirus to remove it. Finally, Fortect is there to restore damaged registry keys and system files to their original condition.


Antivirus Programs and Fortect

Fortect is a complementary solution to your Antivirus software. Your anti-virus software is there to detect new threats, terminate them and constantly protect your PC while Fortect is there to heal the damage these viruses have already caused.

That’s why a full system scan of your entire hard drive with a good antivirus program is always recommended after a Fortect for Windows.

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