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Fortect’s twofold approach not only detects when Windows isn’t running properly, it fixes the issue at its core. Any damaged or missing files are replaced by original copies, while your system is optimized and secured based on the latest knowledge.

This means no more unexpected crashes or issue messages, and overall improved performance.

Windows issues

When normal tasks stop working or you receive confusing issue messages, Fortect is there to repair the damaged system files and faulty settings at the root of the issue.

Virus Damage

Even if you have removed viruses and malware, the damage can persist. Fortect secures your system and restores it to its pre-infected state.

Freezing Computer

Annoying slowdowns or freezing programs can render your computer unusable until its reset. Whether it’s caused by a damaged registry, missing files, or too much junk, Fortect makes Windows and your programs run smoothly again.

Damaged DDLs

DLL files are integral to the proper functioning of programs but if they go missing or become corrupt, your PC can go haywire. Rather than hunting for DLLs yourself, Fortect plugs the gap automatically.

Blue screen of death

The BSoD is a serious miscommunication between your hardware and operating system that prevents your computer from functioning. Fortect repairs incompatible DLLs, drivers, and Windows bugs that cause BSoDs, while identifying malfunctioning hardware that needs to be replaced.

OS Recovery

Fortect compares your current operating system with a healthy version. If vital system files required for running and restarting Windows aren’t as they should be, they are restored without harming your user data.

What does Fortect not fix?

3rd Party Program

Many software issues are caused by corrupt Windows files, shared DLLs, and virus damage. However, Fortect cannot repair or replace files that belong to 3rd party programs. This is any software that did not come with Windows, such as video games, Adobe, Skype, Spotify, and browsers like Firefox. If the repair process doesn’t fix a issue with a 3rd party program, the issue lies with the program itself. Your best option is to reinstall it manually.

Virus Protection

Fortect is not an antivirus and does not protect your system from threats in real time. After you have treated viruses and malware, it repairs any damage made to Windows, restoring your system to its pre-infected state. When used alongside dedicated antivirus software, Fortect is a powerful tool for maintaining security and performance.

Hardware Issues

Fortect can detect failing hardware and repair incompatibilities caused by Windows files or DLLs. However, you may need to fix or replace physical components manually to make your system run properly.


Fortect performs a system-wide scan, analyzing performance, the Windows registry, DLLs, and other system files. By comparing your system’s current state to its database of healthy files, it quickly identifies areas to fix.


Once all issues are identified, Fortect applies clean files and settings to your system without deleting user data. Your PC will be back running smoothly in no time.


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