How it Works?

The all-in-one PC health tool scans every corner of your Windows system and repairs it to its original or an improved state.

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Fortect is the ultimate Windows repair solution. It analyzes your operating system for free and automatically knows when something isn’t right.

The FREE scan takes no more than 5 minutes and conveniently sorts issues into 3 categories:


Know when your hardware is failing or running to capacity, including low RAM/Memory, overworked CPU, high temperatures, and full disks.


Damage and system changes likely caused by viruses, malware, spyware, bad software, and other threats.


Software and apps that are prone to crash due to missing and corrupt system files.

This hardware, security, and stability summary is compared against a healthy Windows installation, so you know exactly how damaged your system is.

1. PC Scan

Scan your computer to find issues with Windows for free

2. Review results

View a summary across hardware, security, and stability

3. Activate & Repair

Activate your Fortect license to repair your Windows system automatically

How does Fortect Fix Windows?


Every system file, DLL, and registry key that is damaged, corrupt, or missing, is quarantined, ready to be repaired. Meanwhile, junk files are tagged for deletion.

Clean & Repair

Junk files are removed to free up space and resources. issue files are then repaired or completely replaced by healthy copies from our up-to-date database. This restores or in some cases, optimizes system performance.

Leaders in Windows Maintenance

Fortect maintains an entire database of Windows files that reflect the cutting-edge of computer health. It reverses system damage, restores or replaces files, and tweaks performance.


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